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Freelance Services

Exciting, cohesive and strategy-driven marketing and/or publicity campaigns to drive awareness and sales 

  • Campaigns which align with sales strategy and reach new audiences

  • Branding and partnerships 

  • Media and events strategy 

  • Event management and PR

Ideas and strategy to position your brand or person/product and help you reach your target audience demographic 

  • Author, brand or community social media management including strategy, content creation and scheduling, influencer marketing and reporting

  • Campaign-specific social media campaigns 

  • Social media advertising 

PR & Marketing

social media

  • Branding, campaign and partnerships strategy consultancy

  • Systems, awards and general children’s and YA publishing industry insight

Curate engaging and relevant conversations around your brand or product online


  • Digital asset design and creation

  • Video concepts and editing

  • Photography

  • Copywriting


content creation

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